7 signs of a good accountant


It’s obvious when someone is handling your money you need to stay in the loop! A basic but tedious task for some but not all accountants, is answering their clients questions no matter how basic or long they are. A good accountant will not only ensure that they answer your queries within a short amount of time, they will also keep an eye out on your business and check on you to ensure all the questions and worries you might have are solved.

Strategic Planning

A reliable accountant will be one that keeps track of your financial position throughout the year.

You yourself may be one of those people that leave things to the last minute when it comes to lodging your tax return or other financial information, but that shouldn’t be your accountant. Think about it that’s someone you’re paying to be on top of your finances which means they need to be organised and on top of things!

Passing down key knowledge to you

Many of us never really learnt how to effectively budget, there was never an exam for it so it never really was on the top of our ‘to do’ list. However, this is an essential skill for everyone not only business owners. As someone who pays an accountant to aid in your business’s finances, it is expected of your accountant that they teach you and work together with you on how to develop an effective budget.

Keeping up with the times!

From time to time tax laws change and new and effective ways of using financial information are developed, for example we at Superior Accounting Group adopted the cloud some time ago so we could improve our service for our clients. So, in saying this you should expect that your accountants are proactive in keeping up to date with the latest laws and technology.

Time management pro

Meeting deadlines is imperative in the accounting world, they not only have to meet your deadlines as a client but your accountant also must abide by the deadlines set out by the ATO.


Focusing on getting a ‘smart’ accountant can often lead to forgetting the importance of choosing an accountant that is trust worthy. After all they are dealing with your money! Like any good relationship having trust is vital.


There will always be better ways of completing tasks and an accountant that thinks outside of the box will ensure that they are continually coming up with new solutions to the everlasting problems you face.

Thanks for reading!