Planning for the inevitable Part 2

What is a Power of Attorney and should I have one? One simple analogy is that a Power of Attorney is like a “living will”, it allows you to empower another person or persons (called an “Attorney”) to legally take charge of your affairs whilst you are still living. Appointing a Power of Attorney is […]

Planning for the inevitable Part 1

We should think about the “future” – planning for the inevitable and making sure that your paperwork is in order. It is an important consideration, although people rarely like to think about it. Everyone will die. Although you cannot change that fact, you can ensure that upon your death your wealth passes smoothly and efficiently […]

Rising Debt Scenario – Why buy 2 Properties NOW and be able to retire in 10 years time?

Why People Sell? Poor location Vacancy “Bad” Tenants Maintenance Finance incorrectly set up Cost of holding Need to sell to access equity The Plan: Use other people’s money Build a portfolio Never, never, sell Harvest the accumulated equity Maximising tax REFUNDS from investment property Many property owners are losing potential tax refund $ by failing to […]

Going green to increase profits

Businesses can meet their triple bottom line and improve our environment simultaneously, by incorporating some simple, positive environmental activities into their everyday operations.  By reducing your business’s environmental impact, you can save money and help save the planet. This small initiative may seem like it will make little difference to the environment, however if every […]

Avoid the post-Christmas party blues

The festive season is soon approaching, along with Christmas cheer and the work Christmas party. End of year celebrations are a great way to bond with colleagues and conclude the year on a positive note by celebrating the year’s achievements. Although Christmas parties are a fun filled event, it is essential that employers remind themselves […]