Purchasing a property with leverage in a SMSF

As property investors ourselves, we continually look at ways to enhance and propel our own wealth. As a Superior Accounting Solutions client, you too benefit from this vigilance because we always consider these opportunities from our clients’ perspective and how they might benefit you.

Many of our clients are active property investors, so we feel it is important to bring to your attention that Self-Managed Super Funds can be borrowed to purchase an investment property. We have already assisted many of our clients to purchase property in a Self-Managed Superfund.


You may be a traditional property investor much like ourselves. As all investors know, the expense of holding an investment property in your own name comes directly out of your back pocket.

This is a fantastic opportunity which will provide you with the possibility of purchasing another investment property, where the expenses of holding the property does not come directly out of your pay-packet.

You may ask who is funding these expenses … by setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund to purchase a property, it allows you to utilise employer super contributions you are currently accumulating in an industry Super Fund.

We encourage our personal Tax clients to carefully consider the possibility of establishing your own SELF MANAGED SUPER FUND.

WHY?? Because you can:

  • TAKE CONTROL…. just as you have with all your other wealth creating vehicles, and become the motivational force to ensure that you achieve your goal of obtaining another rental property, thus securing your retirement future and that of your children, as you can incorporate them in the journey.
  • Potentially access much HIGHER LEVELS OF LIFE INSURANCE to cover your growing property portfolio, business etc., thus providing your family with greater security.
  • Have absolute discretion with regard to your INVESTMENT CHOICE.

Investing in property allows you the power of using OPM … Other People’s Money.
Let’s say you have $140,000 in your Super Fund: If you invested in Shares = You would have $140,000 worth of shares

Make the most of this fantastic opportunity to purchase an investment property, pay less tax than a traditionally purchased rental property, and significantly INCREASE YOUR RETIREMENT WEALTH!